Bathroom Toilet Grab Bar Handrest Handrail For Elderly Disabled Pregnant Women W555

Product Details:

  • Product name:: Toilet grab bar
  • Brand:: Tongxin
  • Model NO:: W555
  • Size:: W570*D420/130*H215
  • Material:: 304 stainless steel+plastic
  • Usage:: Bathroom, toilet
  • Color:: Regular is white+grey, others by request
  • Packing:: each piece pack in plastic bag, then in carton
  • Carton size:: 58*15*10
  • Gross weight:: 6.3Kgs
  • Warranty:: 2 years
  • Lead time:: 10-25 days, depend on the quantity
  • Product Detail

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    Bathroom toilet handrest is suit for most of the toilet, easy fixing, foldable function is very good product to use in bathroom, easy and security for elderly, disabled, pregnant women. Give them a help and protect them from danger.

    W666 toilet handrest was made of metal with powder coated finish, handrail cover with plastic matt finish, soft and comfortable touch feeling. After fold down, it like two hands holding you and when you want to stand up, you can hold it tire and press it to help you stand, when no need it help then just make it fold up is ok.

    This is a product to offer the help for elderly, disabled and pregnant go to toilet, all these person’s waist may not so good, so to have a handrail for them to stand up is a very good method, this is a way to increase their life quality. Avoid the risk or bad feeling for them when go to washroom.

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